Receiving bravery award on republic day – Bhargav and Vijay

Receiving bravery award on republic day – Bhargav and Vijay

On republic day I woke up early.And brushed and bathed.iam going to school.I reached to school gate and I saw the theif if carrying one small child and running the baby is crying.Iam running the theif sat on a bike and running.I sat on cycle and chasing that thief.the the if went to junkyard.Ian also reaches to junkyard.suddenly the cycle of the tyre has been punctured.I thought “o shut”now how can I catch that the if and go back to school.I went in the junkyard.the the if kept that child in one box and locked the box.I broken the lock and taken that child.I came outside of junkyard and looking here and there.I saw the 6 gear cycle with no lock.I sat on the cycle and went back to the school.all members are clapping and saying good job!well done!and I received bravery award

Bhargav and Vijay

Ravi Kumar

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