An Amazing experience – Bhargav and Vijay

An Amazing experience – Bhargav and Vijay

I went to another planet with a bag full of oxygen cylinders.This planet is red and full of dust.In this planet gravity is very less.when I jump from mars I will fall on stars.And when I jump from stars i will fall on mars.Ian flying in the air.I felt very happy.Ian and my friend jumping and flying we are going.we reached to a strange place where trees can talk.we went near one tree and asked which like you can talk?at thousands of years ago we were also talking like you one magician made like this.some trees escaped from that magician.And reached this land we are living happily here.we are interestingly heard the story and with one rocket we back to our was an amazing experience where we can fly and trees can talk.

Bhargav and Vijay

Ravi Kumar

मैं रवि कुमार गुरुग्राम हरियाणा का निवासी हूँ | मैं श्रंगार रस का कवि हूँ | मैं साहित्य लाइव में संपादक के रूप में कार्य कर रहा हूँ |

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