If I could become – Bhargav And Vijay

If I could become – Bhargav And Vijay

If I could become a scientist I will make so many robots and gadgets.First I will invent a cat robot and I will name it “Doraemon.”And I will make small light and big light which is used to make a thing or a human small and big.Then I will make time machine.And I will make bamboocopter which is used to fly.Then I will make anywhere door which is used to travel anywhere in just 5 seconds.Then I will make invisible cap.which is used to invisible ourselves.Then I will make robotic cycle.This is special cycle.This cycle will work with commands.And also everybody can balance this cycle very easily.Then I will make child robot and I will name it vir the robot boy.This robot will protect the world.With all this things I will receive so many awards.I will become a famous a story writer or an author.

Bhargav And Vijay

Ravi Kumar

मैं रवि कुमार गुरुग्राम हरियाणा का निवासी हूँ | मैं श्रंगार रस का कवि हूँ | मैं साहित्य लाइव में संपादक के रूप में कार्य कर रहा हूँ |

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