The Solar Man-Aryan narayan

The Solar Man-Aryan narayan

Long long long ago our ancestors had noticed two supernatural powers on Earth.These come into existence when these powers come under the influence of humans.So our ancestors sealed them and they arranged some traps.The first power is a part of the bright red powerful SUN,this can be controlled by honest,good,brave person.The other power is the most evil and this controls whoever touches it.Years and years passed away and the place in which these powers are sealed is ruined.After that nobody believed this whole story. All this world has developed.A scientist who is intrested in researching about the technology of the olden times had been studying about these two powers and his name is Max.He has an assistant,his name is Zagger.After several years of hardwork they finally discovered the two powers.They didnt disturb the dark one did some experiments with the sun power also called solar power.Finally they wanted to insert this into a brave,good,honest,energitic person.Max found a peron who has these qualities.His name is Aryan.Max kidnapped him and convinced him to take the power.Then he became a superhero.His powers are 1)he can fly with a great speed 2)he has good strength 3)he can shoot small scale suns from his hand.He calls himself “The solar man”. What happened to the dark power?Wait for” THE SOLAR MAN part-2″.


Aryan narayan

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