A trip into space – Bhargav and Vijay

A trip into space – Bhargav and Vijay

At summer holidays we were boring.suddenly a paper falled on my head.In that paper say 2 space tickets written we said that like only.2 space tickets falled down.we clicked the button on that tickets.we teleported to a space shuttle.in this space shuttle gravity is very less we are flying in the air.we felt very happy.we seen outside .there so many stars and galaxies were there.also the eight planets.in that space shuttle the food is very tasty we ate that food and went outside we played nicely.suddenly meteors started to fall down immediately we went in the space shuttle and ran away from that place.after we thought thank God.we can see from here so many satellites.after 8 hours we teleported and came to our homes.we enjoyed a lot.

Bhargav and Vijay

Ravi Kumar

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