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Join Sahity Live on WhatsApp

Sahity Live on WhatsApp

To join Sahity Live on WhatsApp fill this form:
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We request to follow our WhatsApp Group Rules to be connected. Our important rules are below:

  • It is very important to be a member of Sahity Live WhatsApp Group that you must publish your articles on Sahity Live Website. If you have not published your article then click here to publish now!
  • Respect to other members privacy and don’t send too much messages
  • Personal Chat u0026amp; Comments prohibited.
  • Funny; Jokes/ Videos/ Audios/ Photos are not allowed
  • Refer u0026amp; Earn money messages strictly prohibited
  • Forward to peoples u0026amp; See Magic messages prohibited
  • Sexual u0026amp; Ugly Messages prohibited
  • Never begin a topic that would hurt religious or cultural sentiments
  • Don’t spam with unnecessary chains and forward messages
  • Please do not argue with group members or with the admins
  • Do not Change Group Name u0026amp; Icon

Important: Removal from the Group

Any deviation from the group guidelines will be taken seriously and offenders will be removed from the group permanently without notice.
Note: Members who are removed from the group will not be added back to the group. So please be careful about what you are sharing with the group. This is done to protect the interest and privacy of group members.