The day my dog begin to talk – Bhargav and Vijay

The day my dog begin to talk – Bhargav and Vijay

Today is December 10.iam praying to God i want something new on January 1.the January 1 has came all members are distributing chocolates and greetings.Iam also distributed chocolates and greetings.I went in my house in my house my dog is standing.I went near my dog the dog started to talk.Iam surprised and asked the dog How could you talk? The dog answered at December 10 night God came into my dream and said now you can talk like humans. Talk with all members and make them happy and you live happy.after listening this immediately I went near God and said thank you god you given me such a wonderful gift.after 2 hours mother and father had came.I said them total matter.they were also surprised.daily I ate,played and slept with my dog only.after I thought my dog is my breath and I will protect it.

Bhargav and Vijay

Ravi Kumar

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