Milk Maid A Insatiate Father-Hukam Singh Meena

Milk Maid A Insatiate Father-Hukam Singh Meena

This day was the day of Dhulendi leaving the bed was almost ten o’clock, Sir / Madam do not misunderstanding,This has the effect of alwar city law. Otherwise I stayed at 4 riser villagers honest boy. Err! You then make chhora immorality brother, told the this is not riser time – jiji said. It’s like being on what held government school, all village peeps early Huo-the-law had said that I had to walk at public schools, reaching approximately 200 people turned out on the night a thief entered the house of kundan Pete came and hold it gave was that the jury Why confusion?
The atmosphere was just know calm, Brothers what to do next.The thief today enter to me girl house and tomorro entered in your girls house. The village yesterday and today me house who enter at daughter yet final sat up in the trabecular said kundan. Brothers,we all have to be united.Our girls also rouse stupid men tomorrow. – Siya uncle said lightly. Siya’s uncle You know what this is about. You not know this village peeps politics – Siya uncle Mukesh threatened. Do you show week,you’re going to let anyone near her daughter’s. – Dhassi asked shouted.
You are don’t know this blind men,they will kill anyone.this is a killer type person- Mukesh said. Some people took him and carried out. Meanwhile, only a few Ranjit also spoke of veersingh his mouth shut. Sudama had looked at some peeps and hari jat. Stupid blind men,You can not make us crazy,all before someone else working to improve yourself, is Lai’s brother’s dismissed jury. All rose with hari Jat saying went, while chatting on your other topic. Hey! Young men listen Night 8: 00 pm, half an hour about once a power cut lumbar , there sticks fired at least 8-10 village peeps while the matter was suddenly and bent a Bitude behind urination. I came back a little bit, so I went ahead and had pity for Kundan. I returned home and told Jiji, Jiji gave it a poor man by village peeps had a disturbing thought. “Dear son kundan is a grabby men, who far away for money.” – jiji roughly tell me. what was going on in the village, as well as “We can not even say other politics of their” – one said. After a while the DJ plays Huliaro arrived, I Holi, the color festival Dhulendi ,I also wanted to be overwhelmed. Huliaron was reached between the Raman, Babli uncle, and Thansingh (Blacky) three were carrying me to enjoy DJ dance?
Do you think,these me dance brought to you. No …. I’ll tell you are thinking wrong.
Raman hold down it …. Err leave right, then that I had heard the man voices and within thrown in the mud, then looked up and as soon as all the clothes were flying in the air, Babli uncle’s trunks above the electric wire was hanging on, now must save our dignity Babli uncle rift my shirt, lying on one side we see the others were very happy, but we could see that the paint thighs Actresses looks like them Item Dancers. So all was well even after drinked alcohol comes Guddu got ahead again and increased the terror, so she’s now got over the extent of any passer-by who was going to get it and Naga. Anyway it was a matter of just a spoiled house drinkers, Mr. Zade exceptional in every village are full. Oh yes, I was about to forget one thing that came to hand the boy was killed by a thief by night Kundan he died in hospital, the news spread in the village, like the wind on the tongue of every living thing was coming, “brother, Kundan’s house was supplanted.” brother it have wrong, and not Roger Patel put money now, man, after all, so little shame at hearing the information for at least not discredit such information for its daughter. The third was a talk of two peeps and picked the bottle in one hand, which Ramkishan goodbye brother. Ram – Ram, Ram – Ram. Well then, blind so left his life. Man has come to a point and in hearing the plan of find money. Kundans blind person and who like only as person Demise, all your work is busy .. thats ugli politics & everydays Drama from these small villages in which Kundan greedy destuttite poor farmers everyday flour mill are crushed like the muging, which is money that could make anyone your slave , the Kundan greedy man of the village, which was driven in collaboration with Patel.
Who has not himself but his daughter made infamous in front of the whole village, all nearly villages discussions topic that’s,once upone time Kundan was a friend of Tutti. We can not discuss it much further because any villager are not know to end this bad policy.
A few days ago, a boy ran out at house roof jumping that’s was a poor Bhajanlal Kacheras house. If there was any dispute raised by the girl’s brother Guddu gave the shoe upside down across & challenge his a tandav war.
That’s running time including Guddu Babu uncle cut electric wires on electric poles have told their rights, Babu uncle has jitter them.
What do you think all your feedback with me, with you having an event to share with us in comments.I hope you liked this story will be coming, you have to try to understand and easier to connect vastly countryside.


      Hukam Singh Meena  Hukam Singh Meena


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