Life without electricity – Bhargav and Vijay

Life without electricity – Bhargav and Vijay

We are watching tv with popcorn.suddenly a thunder came and power gone.we waited 2 hours the rain has stopped and the air has stopped.But still the power not many people standing outside and talking.we also went there and we saw all the current wires have been cutter with that thunder.The electrician says it takes 1 year to get electricity.At sleeping time it’s very hot and mosquitoes were making sound near our ears.At afternoon time it’s very hot.we taken a book and making wind.we are very boring.I went near my remote control car and that I seen the charge is total made me very angry.a drum of sweat is full.I poured full of water in one bucket.And sat in that.after one hour the full of water is evaporated.after all this I thought life without electricity is not possible.

Bhargav and Vijay

Ravi Kumar

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